Galley Kitchen Makeover

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Do you have a Manhattan sized kitchen with “Top Chef” sized dreams? Are you feeling trapped in a small dark cooking space that never seems to have storage? You’re not alone. Fred and Jennette were experiencing these all too familiar feelings until they reached out to Marsh Kitchens. They were able to meet with one of Marsh Kitchens expert designers, Carol Van Zile, CKD and CAPS.

In The Beginning

Fred and Jennette purchased their home in 2000 from Jennette’s mother, who owned the home since it was built in 1951. It is hard to believe from the photographs, but this home was once state-of-the-art, as it was one of the first fully electric homes featured in the Greensboro Parade of Homes.

They inherited the original kitchen that featured short, dark stained cabinets with white appliances and a hutch that was used to fill space at the end of the kitchen. The kitchen was originally design “galley style,” with parallel walls. When utilized correctly, these parallel walls create efficient access to all parts of the work triangle: the refrigerator, sink, and range/oven combination.

The kitchen featured cabinets that did not reach the ceiling, creating wasted space closed off by soffit boards.

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The oven was beside the range, separated by cabinets, instead of below the range and the white appliances were a distracting contrast to the cabinet color.

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The dark shutters over the windows blocked sunlight from entering the kitchen and the scattered nature of the appliances left the kitchen to feeling cluttered and chaotic. Expanding that kitchen was out of the question, but Carol knew that with a few color changes and a redesign, she would be able to create an open and inviting kitchen.

Renovating Without A Redesign

The new layout positioned the sink on one side of the kitchen and the oven, range and refrigerator directly across aisle. This made the work triangle more efficient and accessible.

after image

The new ivory cabinets and stainless steel appliances allow sunlight to reflect around the room. The small dark shutters that blocked the sun were repainted to match the cabinets. The wall cabinets now stand 42” tall, reaching the ceiling and giving Fred and Jennette the extra storage they desperately needed. The base cabinets feature adjustable pull out trays that provide easily accessible storage space.

after image

They also elected for a two can pull-out waste cabinet, allowing easy access to both recycling and waste bins. The cabinet design features wide drawers that not only create more storage, but are also low enough to easily be reached. Standard base cabinets were included for items that don’t easily fit in drawer space. The hutch was removed and replaced with tall utility units which give a modern look to the room while adding additional storage.

The physical space and galley design of the kitchen remain intact. Carol was able to transform the original kitchen that left Fred and Jennette feeling claustrophobic into an efficient and user friendly kitchen with enough storage to fulfill all of their cooking dreams!

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