Designing with Birch Cabinets

birch cabinets


Birch is an attractive hardwood that is popular for cabinets due to its strength, hardness and price, which is less than maple. The color ranges from warm white to creamy yellow and even some warm red tones.  It looks beautiful when left in a natural color, but it also takes stains well.

Good for Your Budget

birch door


Birch costs less than its more popular hardwood relative, maple, yet it performs just as well and looks great in lighter stains. So if your design choices lean to paint colors or light to medium stains, it is a good choice that can give you a quality kitchen that’s easier on your budget. It doesn’t always take dark stains as well, however, and it can be prone to variations in coloring that can look irregular. When correctly stained, it will provide a beautiful maple appearance that may well fool your neighbors into thinking you installed top line maple cabinets.

Versatility Makes Room for Creativity

birch kitchen

Because it’s so versatile, birch is used in traditional, transitional and contemporary designs. Use birch cabinets to create a clean contemporary look that’s warm and natural. The light color works well with dark counters and backsplashes for contrast. Red birch from the heart of the tree especially brings a warmth to the kitchen, and is nicely complimented with the gray-green colors found in many granite in counters. Birch fits the trend to warm, comfortable – yet contemporary – looks in lighter colors. To bring out that look, you can complement it with natural flooring. Hardware, too, will pull the look together. (Think of hardware as jewelry accessories for your kitchen.) Patinated bronze, brushed nickel and even blackened steel adds character to the look.  Birch can pretty much achieve any look, and that it leaves plenty of room for your imagination!

A Durable Hardwood

marsh birch kitchen

Birch ranks high on the hardness scale (yes, in the lumber industry there is a scale for this), which is why you also see it used in butcher blocks, tool handles, and specialty furniture. Birch is commonly grown in the Northeast and Canada, making it plentiful and accessible. Our Marsh Kitchen & Bath designers are full of great ideas to help you achieve the look you want, and make the most of your budget. Contact the location nearest you for a free consultation.