A Case for Laminate Countertops

laminate countertops


There is a tendency for people to turn up their nose at laminate countertops in favor of the ubiquitous granite or quartz. That’s a shame, because today’s laminates offer many advantages for all types of kitchens.

Laminate is among the most frequently used material for kitchen countertops. Popular for its reasonable price, easy maintenance, and resistance to stains and scratches, laminate comes in varieties  to suit any aesthetic. Here are a few reasons to consider laminates over other countertop materials.


The chief reason for laminate’s popularity is its affordability. Speaking broadly, laminate is roughly one-third the price of its natural competitors. If you are looking to transform your kitchen on a budget, consider laminate. But be assured, just because it costs so much less, you won’t be stuck with the kind of cheap laminate that makes you feel like you’ve checked into a budget motel with a tiny kitchenette. Top quality laminates perform well and look amazing.


Overall, laminate is a breeze to maintain. Simple soap and water will take care of regular wipe downs, and baking soda should eliminate tougher stains. Most household cleaners can be used with the exception of oleum, rust remover, or caustic lye. (Yech!) Avoid steel wool or pumice, as these are too abrasive and will damage the surface finish. In short, stay away from harsher cleaners, and take care of any detrimental spills quickly. Easy peasy.


Laminate has improved by leaps and bounds in its range of offerings the past few years. Many designs are now available that resemble more expensive materials like travertine, granite, and even stainless steel. That said, laminate doesn’t have to pretend it’s something else. With the wide variety of colors offered these days, a bold laminate can add a creative punch of hue to any room, especially a kitchen.


Simply put, laminate doesn’t stain like its earthy counterparts. Even when sealed properly, porous rock like granite can soak up colorful kitchen ingredients, especially liquids. While natural materials like granite are often chosen for their resistance to heat and scratches,  it’s worth noting that leading laminate brands like have come a long way in their durability.

Bottom Line

Although laminate requires replacing every decade or so, that shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing. Instead of marrying one countertop for life, consider refreshing your design with a new laminate every few years. After all, you can change it out three or four times for the price of a single marble countertop!

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